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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 57 (1973)

Issue: 4. (April)

First Page: 782

Last Page: 782

Title: Problems of a New Frontier: ABSTRACT

Author(s): John J. Guthrie

Article Type: Meeting abstract


It is becoming generally accepted that in the near future North America will be faced with a serious energy crisis. The Canadian Arctic will play a most important part in satisfying the Western Hemisphere's energy needs. A new frontier in exploration has opened. Because of its location and environment, it poses new problems. Some of the prevailing exploration methods do not work efficiently in this new environment. The costs of mobilization and demobilization and logistical support have mushroomed to staggering proportions. Inflationary trends have caused further cost increases.

The application of previously accepted geophysical exploration field methods in this high-cost area dictates concerted investigation into improved efficiency of field operations, use of highly portable accommodations, reduction of costs for expendable supplies, and the need for adequate time for preplanning of projects.

Several new approaches have been applied to these inherent problems, with varying degrees of success. New approaches in Arctic transportation, camp accommodations, and surface-energy sources are being developed, and must be considered in relation to today's mushrooming costs, while maintaining man's safety as a prime consideration.

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