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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 59 (1975)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 524

Last Page: 530

Title: Bahamian and Apenninic Limestones of Identical Lithofacies and Age: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Author(s): Bruno D'Argenio (2), Piero De Castro (2), Cesare Emiliani (3), Lucia Simone (2)


Hard limestones dredged from an outcrop at a depth of 5,416 m off Gentry Bank, southeastern Bahamas, contain broken and regenerated radial-fibrous ooids in association with nodular thalli of Cyanophyta and some other microfossils. This association is common in a 100-200-m thick stratigraphic interval of latest Jurassic-earliest Cretaceous age in the carbonate platforms of Italy and Yugoslavia. A similarity of depositional environments apparently existed during part of the Mesozoic in these regions now separated by the widening of the Atlantic. The Bahamian and European carbonate platforms may have been part of a belt stretching from America to Europe across North Africa.

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