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Volume: 59 (1975)

Issue: 8. (August)

First Page: 1438

Last Page: 1470

Title: Oil and Gas Developments in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia

Author(s): William S. Lytle (2), Jonathan Edwards, Jr. (3), Theodore A. DeBrosse (4), Kenneth J. Roane (5), E. Perry Bendler (6), William J. Buschman (7), William W. Kelley, Jr. (8), Douglas G. Patchen (9)


The CSD District 20 report includes Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

In Maryland 1 Oriskany gas well was drilled near Little Orleans. Natural gas production declined 56% from that of 1973. Total new footage drilled was 5,120.

In Ohio 1,766 new wells were drilled in 1974. Of these 768 were gas wells, 247 oil wells, 584 combination oil and gas wells, and 167 dry holes. Of the new wells drilled 118 were exploratory. A total of 1,585 wells was drilled to the Silurian Clinton-Medina sandstone; 1,470 were productive. A total of 91 wells was drilled to the Mississippian Berea Sandstone; 77 were productive. The 1974 oil production had a value of $88,992,932 and the gas produced was valued at $44,641,804. Total new footage drilled was 7,168,605.

Pennsylvania's drilling activity increased in 1974 over 1973 by 2% in exploratory drilling and 11% in development drilling. The number of gas wells drilled remained about the same as 1973; 469 wells were drilled. Oil wells drilled increased 29%, or from 516 wells in 1973 to 667 in 1974. A total of 1,169 new wells was drilled and 40 wells were deepened. Crude oil production increased 4% and gas production increased 5% over that of 1973. There were 15 gas discoveries, down 8 from 1973. Seismic activity was down from 161 crew-weeks in 1973 to 123 crew-weeks in 1974. Footage drilled in new and deepened wells was 2,822,097, and in gas storage wells 33,263 for a total of 2,855,360.

In Virginia 39 wells were drilled of which 31 were development and 8 exploratory. Of the 39 wells, 35 were gas, 1 oil, and 3 dry. Natural gas production increased 38% and oil production resumed in 1974, following a period of more than a year of no production. Total footage drilled amounted to 195,797, an increase of 88% over that of 1973.

West Virginia had a slight decrease (6%) in total well completions from 1973 to 1974. Deep well completions also decreased but more significantly (47%), as most operators concentrated on shallow drilling while they awaited the results of Exxon's ultradeep program. This increased emphasis on shallow drilling resulted in an increase of 18% in exploratory drilling, mostly to shallow targets. The Big Injun remained active, especially in Gilmer County, and the Berea became the most active target in 1974 permits issued. Development of the Weir reservoir in Ashland-Clark Gap field in McDowell and Mercer Counties continued in 1974 and should be active in 1975. Oil production increased 12% and gas production decreased 1% from 1973. The total footage drilled was 2,310,443, a decrease of 5,651 f from 1973.

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