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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 61 (1977)

Issue: 4. (April)

First Page: 519

Last Page: 526

Title: Pleistocene Barrier Bar Seaward of Ooid Shoal Complex Near Miami, Florida

Author(s): Robert B. Halley (2), Eugene A. Shinn (2), J. Harold Hudson (2), Barbara H. Lidz (2)


An ooid sand barrier bar of Pleistocene age was deposited along the seaward side of an ooid shoal complex southwest of Miami, Florida. The bar is 35 km long, about 0.8 km wide, elongate parallel with the trend of the ooid shoal complex and perpendicular to channels between individual shoals. A depression 1.6 km wide, interpreted as a back-barrier channel, isolates the bar from the ooid shoals. During sea-level fall and subaerial exposure of the bar, the ooid sand was cemented in place, preventing migration of the barrier. No Holocene analogue of this sand body is recognized, perhaps because of the relative youthfulness of Holocene ooid shoals. This Pleistocene ooid shoal complex, with its reservoir-size barrier bar, may serve as a refined model for exploration in ancient oid sand belts.

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