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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 61 (1977)

Issue: 4. (April)

First Page: 546

Last Page: 557

Title: Marine Seismic Investigations, Southern Brazil Margin

Author(s): R. Kowsmann (2), R. Leyden (3), O. Francisconi (2)


Thirty-seven sonobuoy refraction profiles describe the offshore structure of the Pelotas and Santos basins and the interbasinal shelf section off Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Reflection profiles outline the seaward extension of the "Torres arch" between the Pelotas and Santos basins.

Seismic sections across the Pelotas shelf show that sediment thickness increases seaward from 1.5 km near the onshore basin to 8 km near the shelf break. A thick sedimentary wedge, present farther south off Uruguay and Argentina at the base of the continental slope, lies east of Pelotas, landward of the present shelf break where continental basement terminates and sediments prograde. New data permit more precise mapping of the basement scarp which controls the distribution of sediments.

Results from the southern end of the Santos basin are in agreement with those published previously on the north between Florianopolis and Rio de Janeiro. Well data from onshore and offshore drilling provide velocity-age correlations.

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