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Volume: 62 (1978)

Issue: 8. (August)

First Page: 1390

Last Page: 1398

Title: Developments in Southeastern States in 1977

Author(s): P. D. Cate (2)


Total drilling activity in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia increased 8% from 1976; 645 tests were drilled compared to 600 in 1976. Exploratory drilling declined slightly, however, as 313 tests were drilled, 5 less than in 1976. New-field discoveries also decreased from 36 in 1976 to 30 in 1977 and the new-field success rate was down from 12.4% to 10.1%.

The shallow Wilcox trend of southwestern Mississippi was the leading drilling trend with 43% of the tests drilled. Drilling activity increased in the Paleozoic, Jurassic, and Lower Cretaceous trends where 14%, 15%, and 17% of the total drilling was conducted, respectively. The only trend to show a drilling decline was the Upper Cretaceous which had 11% of the tests drilled.

Overall seismic activity was higher in 1977 with much of the activity being detailed or limited reconnaissance work supplementing data acquired in previous years. Intensive leasing activity occurred in the Lower Cretaceous Hosston trend of the Interior Salt basin, the Black Warrior basin, and along the south side of the Wiggins arch. Leasing was highly competitive and many operators were unable to establish drillable prospects in the latter part of 1977.

No significant increase is expected in total drilling activity in 1978. The lack of available drilling rigs depressed drilling activity somewhat in 1977 and the same should be true for most of 1978. Most drilling activity will be conducted by independents and aggressive smaller companies but more activity by major companies is expected.

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