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Volume: 62 (1978)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1696

Last Page: 1702

Title: Tectonics of Brooks Range Ophiolites, Alaska: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Author(s): Dietrich Roeder (2), Charles G. Mull (3)


Ophiolites in the Alaska Brooks Range of probable Paleozoic crustal age are erosional remnants of stacked thrust sheets and are composed of two complexes formed at different sites and tectonically assembled during orogeny. An upper complex is an incomplete ophiolite suite with mafic and ultramafic cumulates and small remnants of a sheeted-dike complex. A lower thrust sheet consists of basaltic flows which probably were extruded in the lower plate during the Jurassic to Neocomian obduction of the ophiolites over the Arctic Alaskan craton and its late Paleozoic south margin composed of cratonic shelf edges and rifts or basins with thinner crust.

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