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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 63 (1979)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 493

Last Page: 493

Title: In-Situ Formation of Botryoidal Aragonite on Permian Seafloor: ABSTRACT

Author(s): S. J. Mazzullo, John M. Cys

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Botryoidal masses of (former) aragonite make up the core facies of some Lower Permian phylloid algal mounds in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico. These mounds were deposited along a shelf edge in shallow, gently current-swept environments. The aragonite appears to have been precipitated inorganically as in-situ seafloor growths, with individual vertical relief as much as 5.0 cm above the substrate. As such, they represent the first reported occurrence of marine aragonite formation at the sediment/water interface. The lateral and vertical coalescence of botryoids created a three-dimensional network of interbotryoid and internal cavities that were simultaneously filled with fossiliferous marine sediment and/or aragonite-fan cements. The volume of marine aragonite in th se inorganic boundstones is as high as 85% in some samples.

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