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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 63 (1979)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 515

Last Page: 515

Title: Geoseismic Modeling--An Interactive Previous HitComputerNext Hit Approach to Stratigraphic and Structural Interpretation: ABSTRACT

Author(s): G. W. Rice, M. L. Bakker, D. M. Weinberg

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The solution of complex structural and stratigraphic problems often requires a merging of geologic, geophysical, and Previous HitcomputerNext Hit Previous HitscienceNext Hit principles. Geoseismic modeling is one such multidisciplined approach that allows the geoscientist to test geologic concepts to see if they can be confirmed seismically. Often, many iterations are required to formulate a geologic model that adequately matches the measured seismic response. To do this effectively, the geoscientist must have easy access to accurate theoretical principles and be able to interact with the Previous HitcomputerNext Hit in a real time environment. This leads to the following important considerations in making the Previous HitcomputerNext Hit an effective tool for geoseismic interpretation: (1) the geoscientist must be able to interact with the Previous HitcomputerNext Hit sing his own language and terminology; (2) good human engineering principles, including graphic input and output devices, are necessary for describing the geologic model to the Previous HitcomputerTop; (3) the system must be interactive to allow the geoscientist to test various geologic configurations quickly and to adapt these to the measured seismic response, because long turnaround time associated with batch processing interrupts the thought process and usually leads to an incomplete analysis; and (4) the system must be flexible enough to describe accurately both the seismic characteristics and the geologic configuration.

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