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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 65 (1981)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 893

Last Page: 893

Title: Corporate Strategies Among Domestic Uranium Explorationists: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Ed Baker, Robert W. Adams

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Exploration by the uranium industry has responded to adverse market conditions in a uniform and predictable manner. Exploration personnel were reduced drastically, and even eliminated entirely in some places. Grass roots exploration has all but come to a halt, with selected properties being designated for drilling in the near future. Only those properties with relatively high grade, high tonnage potential will be designated for exploration. The grade cutoff may be as high as 0.50%, depending on distance from the processing mill and other economic factors. The goal of exploration, as well as the production phase of the industry, is to weather the economic storm and survive. Exploration efforts must be concentrated close to a mill, with most activities being conducted by a mall number of people. The geologic targets, if previously unexplored, must bear close resemblance to ore bodies that have proved productive in the past. Diversification into other mineral ventures, such as base and precious metals, may also be required for survival.

Foreign countries with exploration interests in the United States are subject to the same pressures as domestic companies, but are able to weather the storm more effectively than domestic companies due to government backing or ownership of many foreign exploration companies.

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