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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 65 (1981)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 907

Last Page: 907

Title: Study of Subtle Traps Using Horizontal Seismic Sections: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Alistair R. Brown, C. G. Dahm, Robert J. Graebner

Article Type: Meeting abstract


A three-dimensional seismic survey, after proper design, data collection, and data processing, yields a three-dimensionally migrated data volume. Horizontal, or SeiscropTM, sections sliced from this data volume provide a direct horizontal view of the subsurface from which structural interpretation can be straightforward.

In the absence of structure, Seiscrop sections display stratigraphic or paleogeomorphic features directly. However, structural deformation can be removed from the data by flattening. Horizon Seiscrop sections, sliced from the flattened volume, permit stratigraphic and other depositional features to be recognized and studied in detail without the confusion of structure.

Using horizontal seismic sections primarily from the Gulf of Thailand, a variety of small and subtle traps have been identified. These include small fault traps, sand channels, and sandbars. The acoustic nature of these features has been further studied using seismic logs, derived by wave equation inversion. Reservoirs thicker than 30 ft (9 m) have proved mappable.

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