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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 65 (1981)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 976

Last Page: 977

Title: Continental Reserves and Deliverability: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Thomas L. Rebik, William K. Peebles

Article Type: Meeting abstract


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A computer system for oil and gas reserves and deliverability developed by Florida Computer Systems Co. for Florida Gas Transmission Co. and Florida Exploration Co. (subsidiaries of Continental Resources Co.) is described. The basis of the system is a data base consisting of identification, reserve and deliverability parameters, contract data, prices, and production and purchase histories. Individual data items from the data base are retrieved and manipulated to create reports.

This system was a joint project of data processing, exploration, and pipeline personnel and, as a result, it handles oil and gas information from both the buyer's and the seller's viewpoints.

Major user features of the system are: (1) on-line mode of operation with interactive programming for rapid response; (2) extensive report generation capability based on parameters specified by the user; (3) graphics capability that includes a four-color CRT terminal and printer; (4) programmed data editing and error recovery; (5) manual overrides at all levels; (6) security levels determined by user's password; (7) three methods of data access: alphanumeric name, code number, or selection from a list using a light pen.

Major technical aspects of the system are: (1) developed and running on IBM 370/138 under DOS/VSE; (2) on-line control by CICS; (3) data base maintained by DL-I Data Management System; (4) structured programming techniques; (5) parameter-driven logic; (6) documentation prepared with HIPO.

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