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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 65 (1981)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 982

Last Page: 982

Title: Reflection Seismic Surveys for Basin and Range Geothermal Areas--An Assessment: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Howard P. Ross, William E. Glenn, Charles M. Swift

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Several state-of-the-art reflection seismic surveys have been completed in high-temperature geothermal areas of the northern Basin and Range province. The survey data have been made public through the Department of Energy/Division of Geothermal Energy Industry Coupled and Exploration Technology programs. Data were studied for the Stillwater, Dixie Valley, Beowawe, San Emidio, and Soda Lake resource areas.

Reflection quality, and hence usefulness of the reflection method, can be highly variable in the complex basin and range environment. Certainly survey design and proper processing are required to enhance the quality of the data. The most severe geologic condition appears to be the presence of surface, or near surface, layered volcanic rocks. These result in strong early reflections, substantial ringing and poor energy penetration to depth, as at Beowawe. In areas of thick alluvial cover, or Tertiary gravels and lake bed sedimentation (San Emidio, Soda Lake, Stillwater), data quality is often sufficient to map basin border faults and major displacements on volcanic or bedrock surfaces beneath 2,000 to 4,000 ft (609 to 1,219 m) of cover. Faulting is indicated primarily by the systematic termination of coherent reflections. Diffraction patterns are sometimes recognized but commonly obscured by the complex faulting and lithologic variations. The identification of a given reflector across major structures and accurate time-to-depth conversion are difficult interpretational problems. Excellent data quality at Stillwater and Dixie Valley should contribute to the development of these resources.

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