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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 65 (1981)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 1016

Last Page: 1016

Title: Paleomagnetic Study of Upper Triassic Carbonate Rocks from Northwestern Sicily: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Dawne M. Thibodeau

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Forty-two Upper Triassic carbonate cores from two sites in the Immerese basin in Sicily were exposed to alternating current demagnetization to isolate the primary component. The intensities of the X, Y, and Z axes were measured on a cryogenic magnetometer. The resultant declinations and inclinations of the magnetic vectors were tectonically corrected. The results of study of the carbonate rocks, together with volcanic paleomagnetic data from the same area now being studied by Gregor and Nairn, will test the hypothesis that Sicily has undergone post-Mesozoic rotations as a result of the Alpine orogeny.

The carrier of the magnetism is unknown because the carbonate rocks are fine-grained and the magnetic particles are highly dispersed. The demagnetization curve is characteristic of hematite although reflected light, X-ray diffraction, chemical analysis, and the scanning electron microscope cannot substantiate the presence of this mineral.

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