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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 65 (1981)

Issue: 6. (June)

First Page: 1135

Last Page: 1145

Title: Late Tertiary Structure and Stratigraphy of North Sinai Continental Margin

Author(s): Zvi Ben-Avraham (2), Yossi Mart (3)


New seismic data provide information on the structural development and late Tertiary stratigraphy of the continental slope and rise off northern Sinai. The upper continental slope is characterized by a marginal plateau composed of a series of platforms or steps. The lower continental slope is smooth, except for a low ridge paralleling the western part.

Numerous diapiric structures along the continental margin north of the Sinai Peninsula emerge from an evaporitic layer of late Tertiary age. The diapirs usually are aligned along west-northwest-trending faults. A salt ridge 90 km long produces a submarine ridge in the lower continental rise.

Two main fault trends have been mapped. In the western part of the continental margin they trend west-northwest and, in the eastern part, northeast. These trends parallel the continental slopes of northern Sinai and southern Israel, respectively. The structural grain of the Sinai margin appears to be controlled by two main tectonic elements: (1) rejuvenated basement faults of the continent-ocean transition zone and (2) salt diapirism due to loading of Messinian evaporites with Nile-derived upper Tertiary clastics.

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