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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 65 (1981)

Issue: 6. (June)

First Page: 1180

Last Page: 1180

Title: Structure and Petroleum Accumulation in Songliao Basin, China: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Yang Jiliang

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Songliao basin of northeast China is a Mesozoic-Cenozoic continental sedimentary basin and belongs to the intracratonic combination type. Structurally, it is a huge depression overlying a downfaulted sag. The formation of the basin was related to global plate activity, and its growth underwent four stages of separate downfaulting, rift-valley downfaulting, depression, and shrink-folding, forming correspondingly various types of deposit, combination of source-reservoir-cap rocks and traps. The good coordination between the formation timing of traps and the time of generation and migration of hydrocarbon was important in the formation of a great number of oil and gas pools in this basin. Besides the good entrapment effect of the large anticlinal structure, the coordinat on of several favorable conditions for generation, accumulation, and preservation of petroleum is also an important factor for the formation of Daqing oil field.

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