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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 65 (1981)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1666

Last Page: 1666

Title: High Potential Gas Production and Fracture-Controlled Porosity in the Upper Devonian Kane Sandstone, Central-Western Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Christopher D. Laughrey

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Cush Cushion field is a small gas-producing tract in central-western Pennsylvania. It lies physiographically within the Pittsburgh Plateau section of the Appalachian Plateau province. The Allegheny Front, which forms the border between the Appalachian Plateau province and the Valley and Ridge province, is 23 mi (37 km) east of the field. Cush Cushion is developed across the Brush Valley synclinal axis in eastern Indiana County. The Conemaugh Group is exposed at the surface and production is from the multistory sandstone reservoirs of the Bradford Group (Upper Devonian) at depths ranging from 2,600 to 3,924 ft (792 to 1,196 m).

The Kane sandstone of the lower Bradford Group is the principal reservoir at Cush Cushion field. The Kane is interpreted as a distributary-channel sandstone associated with the westward progradational Catskill clastic wedge.

Kane sandstone production is fracture controlled at Cush Cushion field. Fracture porosities as high as 13.8% occur along a limited east-west trend. Natural open flows of up to 13.8 MMcfgpd are known from the fractured Kane interval.

A zone of structural discontinuity is recognized at Cush Cushion field. Fracture porosity in the Kane may be related to the local disruption of the regional structural grain. This disruption could represent the extension of a documented cross-structural discontinuity from the overthrust belt into the undetached foreland.

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