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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 65 (1981)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1689

Last Page: 1689

Title: Evolution and Morphology of Sedimentary Environments, Atchafalaya Delta, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Ivor Ll. Van Heerden, John T. Wells, Harry H. Roberts

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Progradation of Atchafalaya Delta, one of the most dynamic geologic events of the century, has produced a sizable new sand body on the Louisiana coast. Evolution of depositional environments in Atchafalaya Bay has been determined from analysis of sediment cores and bathymetric surveys. Use of X-ray radiography has made possible recognition of a number of subenvironments within major environments. Atchafalaya Delta exhibits all of the sedimentary environments recorded in earlier Mississippi delta lobes. However, excellent stratigraphic control and current knowledge of the processes of deposition in Atchafalaya Bay make it possible to link process-response better in this than in other Mississippi subdeltas. In contrast to the modern Mississippi subdelta, the Atchafalaya sho ld prograde more rapidly, form thinner sand bodies, and eventually cover a wide area, much like the Lafourche, St. Bernard, and Teche delta lobes.

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