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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 65 (1981)

Issue: 10. (October)

First Page: 1828

Last Page: 1835

Title: North Mid-Continent

Author(s): Shirley E. Paul (1), Jack T. Fish (2), Bruce W. Netzler (3), Roger Peters (4), Donivan L. Gordan (5), John H. Mossler (6)


During 1980, 5,156 wells were drilled in Kansas, up 19.7% over 1979. This is the largest jump in drilling since 1974. Total footage amounted to 17,456,018 in 1980, compared to 14,546,356 in 1979. Of the total footage, 17,168,368 was drilled for oil and gas production, and the remaining 287,650 ft was drilled for 84 miscellaneous tests. Approximately 78% of the tests are classified as development holes (13,109,028 ft), and 22% are classified as exploratory tests (4,346,990 ft). The average depth of an exploratory test was 3,984 ft, compared to 3,865 ft in 1979. Among all exploratory wells, the success ratio was 19.7%, and 63.4% among development wells. The overall success ratio for tests drilled for oil and gas was 54%.

In Missouri, drilling increased from 81 completions to 304 in 1980. Much of the drilling occurred in Vernon County in the western part of the state. A total of 77,525 ft was drilled. The average test was 258 ft deep.

No drilling activities were reported for Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

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