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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 66 (1982)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 636

Last Page: 636

Title: Petroleum Resource Evaluation Procedure--an Example: ABSTRACT

Author(s): G. C. Taylor, K. Wallace-Dudley, P. J. Lee

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Middle Devonian barrier carbonate complex of northeast British Columbia is the locus of significant gas reserves (2.2 tcf). Future expected potential of this Previous HitplayNext Hit is estimated to be 3.3 tcf. To make this estimate, the following procedure was used. First, an Previous HitanalysisNext Hit of the paleogeography and stratigraphic relations of Middle Devonian units permitted us to formulize the facies model from which the opportunities for petroleum accumulation can be postulated. Second, reservoir parameters of the Previous HitplayNext Hit were retrieved from the existing pool data file provided by the government of British Columbia. These reservoir parameters, including recovery factor, water saturation, reservoir pressure and temperature, gas deviation factor, area, net pay, and porosity, can be used in charac erizing the undiscovered resource. The outputs of the statistical procedure used in the evaluation include the mean of Previous HitplayNext Hit potential, number of pools which comprise the Previous HitplayNext Hit potential, pool size, and reservoir parameters for each pool computed. These outputs, together with additional reservoir data, were used for economic Previous HitanalysisTop and simulation of future exploration history.

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