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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 66 (1982)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 985

Last Page: 985

Title: Subduction of Woodlark Spreading System at Solomon Island Arc: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Brian Taylor, N. F. Exon

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The initial results of a marine program sponsored by Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and CCOP/SOPAC to investigate the subduction of the Woodlark spreading system beneath the Solomon island arc can be reported. This unusual tectonic situation provides (a) a controlled experiment in which the roles of subducted oceanic crust and sediments in island arc petrogenesis can be assessed, and (b) an opportunity for determining the relation between the thermal structure of the subducted oceanic lithosphere and the thermal regime of the island arc/back arc. Station work during the 24-day cruise included dredging, coring, and digital heat flow measurements.

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