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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 67 (1983)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 432

Last Page: 432

Title: A Coordinated Geological-Geophysical Approach to Finding Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Eugene R. Brumbaugh

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Many stratigraphic traps have been found on the gently dipping flanks of the stable sedimentary basins in the United States. Many more remain to be found. The sedimentary environment is becoming well known in most of these basins. This information combined with detailed studies of the already discovered and developed stratigraphic traps allows one to anticipate the type of trap and the tools needed to detect these traps in most areas being explored.

Studies of clastic, erosional, and carbonate stratigraphic traps indicate that most have a detectable anomaly associated with them. Some have a minor structural anomaly that is near the level of seismic structural resolution. These and others commonly have interval thinning in the sediments overlying the trap that is detectable using well data isopach and/or seismic isochron techniques. Most have a high impedance contrast reservoir unit that is thick enough to be detected using seismic waveform and reflection amplitude techniques. A coordinated use of these geological and geophysical tools is discussed briefly in this paper.

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