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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 67 (1983)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 477

Last Page: 477

Title: Offshore World Petroleum Frontiers: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Michel T. Halbouty

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The potential to find the large oil and gas fields of the future lies in the offshore frontiers. Exploration for petroleum in the coming decades must be concentrated on discovering commercial supplies of the hydrocarbons that lie untapped in these areas. New and better uses of geology, geophysics, petroleum engineering, and technology must be employed in all aspects of exploration, development, and production. Vital to accomplishing these tasks is an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of basin areas and offshore frontier regions. New exploration strategies must be formulated for exploration in both moderate and harsh offshore areas. New technology for drilling and producing oil and gas, especially in Arctic regions and at greater depths globally than heretofore con idered feasible, must also be advanced rapidly. As part of a unified exploration effort, each specialized discipline--whether geology, geophysics, or petroleum engineering--has to provide the bold and innovative thinking that will lead to the offshore discoveries of the oil and gas the world needs for future energy survival. This paper illustrates with slides the location of these promising offshore areas and the basins involved.

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