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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 67 (1983)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 532

Last Page: 532

Title: Using a Microcomputer for Entry of Geologic Core Descriptions: ABSTRACT

Author(s): John D. Perrin

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Sohio realized the need for computer manipulation of lithologic data from a large number of cored wells. The specific goals were (1) comparing lithologic observations with foot-by-foot log measurements, and (2) rapid generation of lithologic maps. These goals required the creation of a consistent core description data base. Traditional geologic core descriptions, where many feet of rock are often summarized in a written paragraph, were found unsuitable for incorporation into a data base. Core description data sheets were also found unsatisfactory because of the time and cost required to locate and correct errors inherent in these forms.

With the Sohio Digital Entry of Core Description (SODECD), there is immediate data entry into a microcomputer, thereby providing excellent quality control. An assistant types the data into the microcomputer as the geologist describes the core. Features of the software include: (1) prompts for each data category, (2) cursor will skip past prompts not relevant, (3) allows movement forward and backward through prompts, (4) displays menus of valid responses, (5) completes quality control checks and displays error messages when invalid data is entered, (6) saves each foot of core description on diskette, and (7) allows the core description data to be transferred to the main computer and incorporated into the data base.

Compared to using core description data sheets, SODECD was found a more rapid and less expensive method of creating a core description data base. This data base is more accurate and consistent because the following problems are eliminated: (1) invalid data entries, (2) data entered in wrong column, (3) omission of significant data categories, (4) null versus zero ambiguity, (5) geologic inconsistencies, and (6) keypunching cost and errors.

The incorporation of core descriptions into a data base allows a variety of computer analysis, such as rapid production of lithologic maps, plots of lithologic data along with log measurements, and computer-produced stratigraphic columns.

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