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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 67 (1983)

Issue: 8. (August)

First Page: 1323

Last Page: 1323

Title: A Mid-Continent Basin: A Reappraisal: ABSTRACT

Author(s): J. Robert Berg

Article Type: Meeting abstract


One of the largest unevaluated basins in the Mid-Continent is the Salina basin in Kansas and its extension into eastern Nebraska. The purpose of this study is to update all older data, reconstruct new maps, and reappraise the potential for further exploration. The last comprehensive publications on the area were in 1948 and 1956.

The Salina basin includes 12,700 mi2 (33,000 km2) in north-central Kansas, and approximately 7,000 mi2 (18,000 km2) in east-central Nebraska. The basin is delineated by the zero isopach of Mississippian rocks bordering the basin. The Central Kansas uplift borders the basin on the southwest and Nemaha ridge on the east; the southern limit is an ill-defined saddle in the vicinity of T17S. Boundaries of the Nebraska basin are less well defined, but the axis of the basin trends directly north from the Kansas border along the boundary of Ts10 and 11W, to 41°N lat., and then bifurcates to the northwest toward the Siouxiana arch and northeast for an unknown distance.

Conventional structure maps have been constructed on several horizons, and a series of cross sections depicts anomalous structures. Recent gravity, magnetic, and seismic reflection profiling also provide information on basement tectonics which may influence structures in the younger sediments. Basement depth ranges from 600 ft (180 m) on the northeast Nemaha ridge boundary of the basin, to a depth of 4,750 ft (1,450 m) or -3,000 ft ( -915 m) below sea-level datum in Jewell County; therefore, there may be an approximate total of 10,000 mi3 (42,000 km3 of sediments for future exploration.

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