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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 68 (1984)

Issue: 4. (April)

First Page: 501

Last Page: 501

Title: A Microcomputer-Based Borehole Engineering System: ABSTRACT

Author(s): John D. MacPherson, Jeff Bralley


This paper describes a microcomputer system designed to take raw drilling data combined with measured rock properties such as porosity and permeability to produce output in the form of depth plots. User-selected parameters include porosity, permeability, formation pressures such as pore, fracture, or overburden, rock properties such as Poisson's ratio or bulk modules, and bottomhole and formation temperatures.

Data entry can be done via multiplexor from a data gathering system, through a data communication link, or by manual input. The system allows either raw or partially processed data to be supplied, and can be run either online in real time at the wellsite or offline at a remote location.

The data is processed sequentially by the system, with each calculation or processing module performing a specific operation on the data. The calculation modules used for any data set are selected by the user from a base menu. These modules can be removed, added or changed as desired by the client or operator, allowing easy tailoring and expansion of the system.

Output from the system goes to disk for storage and to a drum plotter. This enables continuous monitoring of the borehole parameters as the well is drilled, and enhances the value of the data.

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