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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 68 (1984)

Issue: 4. (April)

First Page: 518

Last Page: 518

Title: Reservoir Volume and Production Decline Programs for the IBM-PC: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Livingston Porter, Jr.


Two programs useful for geologists and engineers in calculating reservoir volumes, setting up well and field production schedules, and projecting production decline have been written for the IBM-PC. Both programs are "user friendly" with simple full-screen data entry, and output to screen, printer, or diskette file for use by other programs. The programs are written in BASIC. Minimum system requirements are 128K RAM, one disk drive, monochrome monitor, and MS-DOS 1.1.

PXVOLUME calculates reservoir volume using input data consisting of contour values, measured areas within the contours, and reservoir isochore information. Output includes net reservoir volume above each contour. The program will interpolate or extrapolate areas and volumes for contour levels for which areas have not been measured, such as gas-oil and hydrocarbon-water contacts. Gas-cap and oil-reservoir volumes will be calculated and output separately if the gas column is provided.

PXDECLIN is designed primarily for use in estimating production profiles for prospects or individual wells, but may also be used for projections based on actual production data. The user is given a choice of production parameters to input, and remaining parameters are calculated. Hyperbolic, exponential, or harmonic decline may be specified, and decline rates may be either entered or calculated. Specifically, the "b" exponent for hyperbolic decline will be determined without any requirement for estimation or curve matching. Output consists of production profiles by month, quarter, or year, and both input and calculated production parameters, such as daily rates, cumulative production, production life, and the "b" exponent and "a" factor.

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