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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 68 (1984)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 937

Last Page: 937

Title: Little Known Mid-Paleozoic Salts of Northwestern North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Author(s): David W. Fischer, Sidney B. Anderson


Four Paleozoic formations that contain bedded salts previously undescribed in North Dakota have been identified and mapped. They are the Silurian Interlake, and Devonian Ashern, Souris River, and Duperow Formations.

A series of stratigraphically and areally discontinuous, thin, bedded salts has been identified in the Silurian Interlake Formation. As many as five, thin, bedded salts are present in the upper gray member of the Devonina Ashern Formation. Where found, these salts are stratigraphically correlatable but laterally discontinuous. A thin, bedded salt is present in both the Souris River and Duperow. These salts are laterally continuous with salts previously described in Saskatchewan.

Although the occurrences of the salts discussed commonly are discontinuous, knowledge of their presence can be helpful in designing a drilling and testing program for wells in areas where they occur. Furthermore, a knowledge of the presence of these salts is helpful in understanding the overall tectonic and depositional history of the Williston basin.

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