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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 68 (1984)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1209

Last Page: 1209

Title: Recent Jurassic Discoveries in Southeastern Cass County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Author(s): John Aubrey


Southeastern Cass County had lain virtually dormant as a prospective Jurassic oil and gas province since the mid-1960s, when East Linden field was discovered and developed. Then, in 1978, Hilliard Oil and Gas drilled the 1 Johnson and discovered Kildare field (Smackover). Subsequent development thru 1982 proved additional reserves in several Cotton Valley sandstones as well, reconfirming southeastern Cass County as territory for viable Jurassic drilling.

Additional drilling occurred when Marshall Exploration redrilled and expanded the old Bloomburg field and Heflin redrilled Queen City field. All of this drilling was successful in the Smackover reservoir, finding sour gas and condensate. Wildcat activity included the two Smackover completions finding South Atlanta field, as well as two completions in formations that are highly debated as to their nomenclature.

Cities Service reportedly completed their well in the Eagle Mills. This well brought national attention to southeastern Cass County, when it was reported on the CBS Saturday evening news. The well initially flowed at rates that were as high as 1,800 BOPD, 1,396 MCFGD, and 32 BWPD, with pressure of 3,250 psi. Just as the excitement was dying down, Primary Fuels, Inc. reentered and deepened the Highland Resources 1 Glass and completed that well in a zone correlative to the Cities Service 1-A Pruitt. The 1 Glass potentialed for 200 BOPD, 570 MCFGD, and 32 BWPD, at pressure of 2,900 psi. The producing zone was determined to be the Norphlet, which once again made wildcatters of all previous upper Smackover explorers.

The activity in this county has not slowed. At present, 30 wells are reported in various stages of drilling. This success has brought with it the advent of higher acreage cost, royalties, and shorter lease terms.

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