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Volume: 68 (1984)

Issue: 10. (October)

First Page: 1297

Last Page: 1303

Title: Oil and Gas Developments in West Coast in 1983

Author(s): N. D. Dainty (2), David Woltz (3)

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Activity declined sharply in onshore California in 1983. The number of exploratory wells drilled decreased from 475 in 1982 to 136 in 1983. A total of 2,321 development wells were drilled onshore; 2,226 were completed successfully. One new oil field and 4 new gas fields were discovered. Coastal Oil and Gas announced the successful completion of 1 Hunger-Careaga for 1,573 b/d of 39.4° oil. The new-field discovery is producing from the Monterey Formation and is located within the onshore area of the Santa Maria basin. All 4 new gas discoveries are located within the Sacramento Valley gas province.

Offshore, exploratory emphasis was focused on the Santa Maria basin, where the industry is evaluating the Monterey Formation on leases obtained in OCS Sales 48 and 53. New-field announcements currently total 6. Point Arguello, Point Pedernales, and San Miguel fields were discovered in 1981 and 1982. Added to the list in 1983 were Bonito, Rocky Point, and Electra fields. Scouting sources indicate a potential for at least 2 more new-field discoveries (yet to be announced) from wells already drilled, and some geologists believe at least 16 structures hold potential for significant production from the basin.

Elsewhere in the offshore, the industry continued work in the Santa Barbara Channel. Confirmation and delineation efforts at Sockeye, Molino, and Coal Oil Point fields proved successful, and development plans are currently being pursued. Conoco announced a new-field discovery at the westernmost end of Santa Barbara Channel, but the discovery well, 1-OCS P-0322, is located in over 1,544 ft of water and flowed oil described as "heavy." Thus development of the new field will have to await advent of new technology.

Drilling activity in Oregon centered around the Mist gas field. Reichhold Energy Corp. completed 2 new-pool discoveries for 3,040 MCFGD and 473 MCFGD. In addition, Reichhold drilled 4 tests which were dry and subsequently abandoned in the immediate area.

Geothermal activity in California was concentrated in The Geysers, Imperial Valley, and Coso areas. Oregon activity continued at the Newberry caldera.

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