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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 68 (1984)

Issue: 10. (October)

First Page: 1333

Last Page: 1340

Title: Oil and Gas Developments in North Mid-Continent in 1983

Author(s): Shirley E. Paul (2), Bruce W. Netzler (3), Robin Coubrough (4), Roger Peters (5), Donivan L. Gordon (6), John M. Mossler (7)

Article Type: Meeting abstract


In Iowa, a drilling permit, issued for Crawford County, resulted in a dry hole which apparently penetrated the Devonian. Leasing activities were reported during the year in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

In Kansas, drilling continued to be very active in 1983. Although the number of wells declined to 7,406 (19% less than the record high of 9,166 wells in 1982), it was still high when compared with previous levels. Total footage drilled (including stratigraphic and miscellaneous tests) was 21,618,166, off 27% from 29,614,751 in 1982. Of the 1,559 exploratory tests drilled, 168 resulted in new oil pools, 31 in new gas pools, and 152 in extensions to existing production. The average depth of an exploratory well was 3,806 ft, 257 ft less than in 1981 when the average depth was 4,063 ft. All wells classified as exploratory had a success rate of 22.5%, and development wells were 69.6% successful. The overall success rate for all tests drilled for oil or gas was 59.3%.

In Missouri, drilling activity declined 65% from 1982. No new-field wildcats were drilled, new-pool wildcats declined 75%, and extensions dropped 64%. Most drilling was in the southern portion of the Forest City basin and the Cherokee basin of western Missouri.

Total drilling footage, exploratory drilling, and exploratory footage declined in Nebraska in 1983. The success rate for exploratory wells increased. Seismic exploration also increased.

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