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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 69 (1985)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 279

Last Page: 280

Title: Madison Group (Mississippian) Reservoir Facies of Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Robert F. Lindsay

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Twenty-seven oil fields producing from the Mission Canyon Limestone and Charles Formation (middle and upper Madison Group) were studied: (1) along the eastern basin margin (Bluell, Sherwood, Mohall, Glenburn, Haas, and Chola fields), (2) northeast of Nesson anticline (Foothills, North Black Slough, South Black Slough, Rival, Lignite, and Flaxton), (3) along Nesson anticline (North Tioga, Tioga, Beaver Lodge, Capa, Hoffland, Charlson, Hawkeye, Blue Buttes, Antelope, and Clear Creek), and (4) south of the basin center (Lone Butte, Little Knife, Big Stick, Fryburg, and Medora).

Mission Canyon reservoirs along the eastern margin are in several shoaling-upward carbonate to anhydrite cycles of pisolitic packstone or

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grainstone buildups. South of the basin center, only a single shoaling-upward sequence is present, with dolomitized, mostly restricted-marine skeletal wackestone to pelletal wackestone or packstone reservoir facies. Nesson anticline, between these 2 areas, contains a single shoaling-upward sequence without an anhydrite cap. In northern Nesson anticline, Mission Canyon reservoir facies are oolitic-pisolitic, intraclastic wackestone or grainstone buildups or open-marine skeletal packstone or grainstone. Both limestones and dolostones are productive in southern Nesson anticline. Limestone reservoir facies are transitional, open to restricted-marine slightly intraclastic, skeletal wackestone or packstone facies. Dolostone reservoir facies are restricted-marine mudstone to skeletal mudston and pelletal wackestone or packstone.

Northeast of the Nesson anticline, production is from oolitic to pisolitic packstone or grainstone buildups in the Rival (or Nesson) subinterval and from restricted-marine, dolomitized spiculitic mudstone in the Midale subinterval (base of Charles Formation). In the northern Nesson anticline, Rival (Nesson) reservoir facies are offshore open to restricted-marine, skeletal, intraclastic, pelletal wackestone and/or packstones.

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