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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 69 (1985)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 304

Last Page: 304

Title: Computer Mapping of Silurian Pinnacle Reefs in Northern Michigan: ABSTRACT

Author(s): John M. Sappington, F. B. Davies

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Current availability of high-quality well completion records accessed via computer data bases in Michigan has allowed further exploitation of the northern Michigan reef trend. Integration of these data with computer mapping enables investigation of large regions in terms of structural and stratigraphic relationships. Inferiority of subsea structure maps is clearly demonstrated because of contamination by irrecoverable surface elevation errors. Use of thickness maps of reef units and Middle Silurian salt deposits has resulted in delineation of new regional reef patterns and an increased resolution of local reef development. Case studies from the Michigan reef trend demonstrate the use of "play maps," where computer-generated maps are constructed in yearly intervals to test exploration strategies for less developed regions.

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