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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 69 (1985)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 318

Last Page: 319

Title: Devonian Novaculites as Source of Oil in Marathon-Ouachita Thrust System: ABSTRACT

Author(s): I. Zemmels, P. L. Grizzle, C. C. Walters, F. R. Haney

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Arkansas Novaculite of southern Oklahoma and the Caballos Novaculite of west Texas (both Devonian) form fractured reservoirs in the Marathon-Ouachita thrust system. These formations were examined to ascertain their petroleum potential.

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Findings include the following. (1) The thermal maturity of the thrust system conforms to the maturity of the sequence that it has overthrust, suggesting that this allochthonous facies is not anomalously mature. (2) Shale units within the novaculites contain oil-prone organic matter in sufficient concentrations to constitute source rocks. (3) The composition of oils from Isom Springs field in southern Oklahoma and from McKay Creek field in west Texas is virtually identical and generally resembles Devonian oils in Oklahoma and west Texas.

We conclude that the Devonian novaculites of the Marathon-Ouachita thrust system are self sourcing and do not require a fortuitous juxtaposition of source rocks of a different age to produce a commercial deposit.

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