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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 69 (1985)

Issue: 8. (August)

First Page: 1318

Last Page: 1318

Title: Seismic Exploration for Pennsylvanian Granite Wash Reservoirs, Palo Duro Basin: ABSTRACT

Author(s): William J. Hryhor

Article Type: Meeting abstract


A seismic reflection common-depth-point technique was designed specifically for the Palo Duro basin. The goal was to locate hydrocarbon traps in the Pennsylvanian granite wash. Success ratios using the designed techniques were approximately as follows: (1) to locate hydrocarbon-bearing features, approximately 25%; (2) to locate structures, approximately 50%; (3) to pinpoint development locations, approximately 75%.

The specific technique design is presented as it relates to: (a) density and layout of seismic lines; (b) spread lengths and configuration; (c) field parameters, e.g., geophone array and shot-hole depths; (d) data correction techniques, including weathering correction, choice of datum plane, and choice of datum velocity; (e) data Previous HitprocessingNext Hit requirements and Previous HitqualityNext Hit Previous HitcontrolTop; and (f) interpretation of data, including depth conversion and well ties.

This paper covers the aforementioned topics with a minimum of advanced mathematics, and it poses questions for the advanced mathematician.

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