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Volume: 71 (1987)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 822

Last Page: 843

Title: Analysis of Fluid and Heat Regimes in Sedimentary Basins: Techniques for Use with Large Data Bases

Author(s): S. Bachu, C. M. Sauveplane, A. T. Lytviak, Brian Hitchon (2)


Fluid and heat regimes, as well as mass transport, are an integral part of "dynamic basin analysis." All must be included to understand both the rocks and the processes affecting their contained fluids. This paper is concerned with the interpretation and integration of fluid and heat data from point form into synthesized form within the geologic framework are obtained from well logs, whereas that for evaluation of the fluid-flow and geothermal regimes originates from formation-water analyses, drill-stem tests, cores, and bottom-hole temperature measurements. A data-base management system has been developed that allows integrating these various parameters into a form suitable for study by using maps, cross sections, graphs, and statistical techniques. The final product is synthesis of the fluid-flow and geothermal regimes in terms of hydrostratigraphic units, and an evaluation of the flow of both fluids and heat. Vertical and lateral fluxes of fluid flow can be determined using an integral mass-balance approach. Fluid-flow information is used to produce a virtual potentiometric surface for oil when looking for hydrodynamic entrapment of hydrocarbons. Examples of the application of the various techniques are taken from the Swan Hills and Cold Lake areas of Alberta, Canada.

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