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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 72 (1988)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 573

Last Page: 585

Title: Structural Analysis Using Thrust-Fault Hanging-Wall Sequence Diagrams: Ogden Duplex, Wasatch Range, Utah

Author(s): T. W. Schirmer (2)


Detailed mapping and cross-section traverses provide the control for structural analysis and geometric modeling of the Ogden duplex, a complex thrust system exposed in the Wasatch Mountains, east of Ogden, Utah. The structures consist of east-dipping folded thrust faults, basement-cored horses, lateral ramps and folds, and tear faults. The sequence of thrusting determined by means of lateral overlap of horses, thrust-splay relationships, and a top-to-bottom piggyback development is Willard thrust, Ogden thrust, Weber thrust, and Taylor thrust. Major decollement zones occur in the Cambrian shales and limestones. The Tintic Quartzite is the marker for determining gross geometries of horses. This exposed duplex serves as a good model to illustrate the method of constructing hanging-wall sequence diagram--a series of longitudinal cross sections that move forward in time and space, and show how a thrust system formed as it moved updip over various footwall ramps. A hanging-wall sequence diagram also shows the complex lateral variations in a thrust system and helps to locate lateral ramps, lateral folds, tear faults, and other features not shown on dip-oriented cross sections.

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