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Volume: 76 (1992)

Issue: 11. (November)

First Page: 1804

Last Page: 1824

Title: Paleozoic Structure of the Central Basin Uplift and Adjacent Delaware Basin, West Texas (1)

Author(s): ROBERT C. SHUMAKER (2)


Structural cross sections and a regional tectonic map show that the Central Basin uplift consists of upthrust blocks of alternating vergence. The uplift is separated from the adjacent Delaware basin by a major fault that changes throw and structural style along strike, accompanying changes in block vergence found along the uplift. The west-facing basement blocks were thrust westward over the Delaware basin, whereas the adjacent blocks face eastward. The distribution and style of structures suggest that small amounts of left-lateral movement occurred along west-trending and northwest-trending faults that separated rising blocks of the uplift. Transfer of lateral movement from vertical, west-trending faults on the Central Basin uplift and the Ozona arch to the west-trending Mid-basin fault in the Delaware basin rotated blocks of the uplift in a clockwise sense. Faults and folds within the study area have trends and slip directions that are generally similar to those within the Reagan and Washita Valley fault zones in the Arbuckle uplift adjacent to the Anadarko basin. The difference in the style of deformation between the two uplifts relates to varied angular relationships between preexisting structure and the direction of late Paleozoic stress. The identity of structural trends within these two uplifts suggests that other late Paleozoic basins and uplifts of the Ancestral Rocky Mountains may have formed in a similar stress field and that crustal rotation was pervasive along the southwestern margin of the continent during the late Paleozoic Ouachita-Maratho deformation.

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