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Volume: 78 (1994)

Issue: 8. (August)

First Page: 1313

Last Page: 1321

Title: Upper Cretaceous Organic-Rich Laminated Limestones of the Adriatic Carbonate Platform, Island of Hvar, Croatia

Author(s): Georg Jerinic (2), Vladimir Jelaska (3), Andja Alajbeg (4)


Several organic-rich samples taken from upper Santonian--late Campanian(?) laminated limestones of Hvar Island (Croatia) were investigated to characterize palynofacies, macerals, type of organic matter, and organic geochemistry. These characterizations, as well as the reconstruction of the depositional environment, are interpreted in terms of a source rock perspective.

The results suggest that the laminated limestones were formed within shallow depressions of the carbonate platform in an anoxic, restricted-marine environment with increased salinity.

The Hvar Island laminated limestones contain type II-S kerogen, and they are found to be marginally mature and oil prone.

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