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AAPG Bulletin; Year: 2020; Issue: May
DOI: 10.1306/10031919011

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Figure 2. Tectono-stratigraphic development of the Melville Bay region (MBR). (A) Stratigraphic age and the associated rift stages for the interpreted mega-units (Mu) G–A within the Pitu license block. The chart also shows predicted periods of erosion, rifting, and tectonic events associated with basin formation and adjustments as well as the timing of reservoir deposition (dep.) (compiled from Whittaker et al., 1997; Japsen et al., 2006; Oakey and Chalmers, 2012; Gregersen et al., 2013; and Knutz et al., 2015). (B) A reconstruction of Melville Bay during the time of reservoir deposition showing the embayment of the Melville Bay graben (MBG) via the MBR emergent island as well as sediment transport and deposition and the location of sea-floor spreading. Oceanic crust and spreading locations have been modified from Welford et al. (2018). Alb. = Albian; Apt. = Aptian; Barr. = Barremian; Berr. = Berriasian; Camp. = Campanian; Ceno. = Cenomanian; Conia. = Coniacian; Haut. = Hauterivian; Holo. = Holocene; Maast. = Maastrichtian; Mio. = Miocene; Oligo. = Oligocene; Paleo. = Paleocene; Pleist. = Pleistocene; Plio. = Pliocene; Quat. = Quaternary; Sant. = Santonian; Turon. = Turonian; Valan. = Valanginian.

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