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Ahead of Print Abstract

AAPG Bulletin, Preliminary version published online Ahead of Print 1 April 2024.

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Present-day stress regime, permeability, and fracture stimulations of coal reservoirs in the Qinshui Basin, North China

Shida Chen123 , Yafei Zhang4 , Dazhen Tang12 , Shu Tao12 , Yifan Pu12 , and Zhenhong Chen5

1 School of Energy Resources, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Beijing 100083, PR China
2 Coal Reservoir Laboratory of National Engineering Research Center of CBM Development & Utilization, Beijing 100083, PR China
3 Beijing Key Laboratory of Unconventional Natural Gas Geological Evaluation and Development Engineering, Beijing 100083, PR China
4 China United Coalbed Methane Corporation Ltd., Beijing, 100016, PR China
5 PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, Beijing 100083, PR China

Ahead of Print Abstract

Present-day stress, permeability, and hydraulic fracturing of coals at 323–1454 m (1060 ft–4770 ft) depths were studied from the Qinshui Basin to analyze the influence of variable present-day stress regimes on coalbed methane productivity. The present maximum horizontal stress orientation is primarily northeast-southwest, with some local variations. Stress magnitudes generally increase with depth but with U-shaped variations in stress gradients. A strike-slip fault stress regime is dominant and is consecutively distributed vertically, while normal and reverse fault stress regimes mainly distributed in specific depth intervals. Permeability (0.004-13.18 mD) and stress regime present high variability with changes in structural trends, structural lows result in a strike-slip fault stress regime and extremely low permeability (

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Shida Chen , Yafei Zhang , Dazhen Tang , Shu Tao , Yifan Pu , Zhenhong Chen: Present-day stress regime, permeability, and fracture stimulations of coal reservoirs in the Qinshui Basin, North China, (in press; preliminary version published online Ahead of Print 01 April 2024: AAPG Bulletin, DOI:10.1306/03202422056.