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CSPG Bulletin


Journal of the Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists
Vol. 8 (1960), No. 4. (April), Pages 113-131

Stromatoporoids of the Kaybob Reef, Alberta

N. R. Fischbuch


From one hundred thin sections of core chips from the Beaverhill Lake formation of the Kaybob area, and also from the Slave Point (?) formation of the North Peace River area of Alberta, twelve species of the genera Actinostroma, Stromatopora, Stachyodes and Amphipora are figured and described.

The above named genera are found also in the Lower Cairn formation of the Rocky Mountains, the Waterways formation, and the Swan Hills member of the Beaverhill Lake formation in the nearby Swan Hills field. The correlation suggested by stromatoporoids agrees with a brachiopod correlation. Amphipora are not diagnostic.

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