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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

CSPG Bulletin


Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology
Vol. 18 (1970), No. 4. (December), Pages 463-468

Geology of Outstanding Arctic Aerial Photographs 1. Cape Storm Area, Southern Ellesmere Island

J. W. Kerr


Aerial Photograph A16756-149 of the Cape Storm area on the south coast of Ellesmere Island displays many geological features. The bedrock succession includes seven Ordovician to Devonian carbonate and shale formations, and embraces an Early Devonian unconformity. Structures include three main tilted fault blocks, major and minor faults, hinge faults, and a scissors fault. Major valleys contain braided streams and stream-borne alluvium. A broad raised beach that emerged in postglacial times has countless strand lines.

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