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CSPG Bulletin


Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology
Vol. 38 (1990), No. 1. (March), Pages 176-176

C.S.P.G. 1990 Convention, "Basin Perspectives"

An Integrated Workstation Study of the Winnipegosis Formation in the Tableland Area of Southeastern Saskatchewan (Poster) [Abstract]

Paul, D.R.1, Filthaut, T.J.1


The Upper Winnipegosis Formation of the northeastern portion of the Williston Basin has been the subject of considerable exploration interest over the past five years. The prediction and delineation of these carbonate mound / pinnacle reef features has, however, proven difficult. The objective of this Previous HitdisplayNext Hit is to generate an integrated study of the Winnipegosis anomaly in the Tableland area of southeastern Saskatchewan using workstation technology. The Tableland prospect is ideally suited to this type of study as quality Previous HitdataNext Hit such as well log digits, and 2D and 3D Previous HitseismicNext Hit exist over the anomaly. This Previous HitdisplayNext Hit recreates the exploration history of this area from regional 2D Previous HitseismicNext Hit exploration and wildcat drilling, through the acquisition of 3D Previous HitseismicNext Hit and subsequent development drilling. The manner in which geological lithofacies are related to Previous HitseismicNext Hit amplitudes and complex attributes is examined at well locations, and subsequently correlated throughout the Previous HitseismicNext Hit coverage of the prospect. Time to depth conversions and synthetic Previous HitseismicTop techniques are incorporated through all phases of the study in order to maintain an integrated model of the anomaly. Final prospect structure, isopach, and reserve estimate maps are then generated using the capabilities presently available on a standard geophysical workstation.

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