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Permian Triassic Systems and Their Mutual Boundary — Memoir 2, 1973
Pages 498-512

Upper Permian Fusulininan Zones

R. Toriyama


Based on the available information, the stratigraphic occurrences of the Palaeofusulina-Reichelina-Codonofusiella fauna in the Tethyan realm are reviewed and summarized. The Upper Permian Dzhulfian fusulininan zones, as established by Sheng (1963), are divisible into the upper Palaeofusulina-Reichelina Zone and the lower Codonofusiella-Reichelina Zone. The genus Palaeofusulina is restricted in stratigraphic occurrence exclusively to the Dzhulfian, but the genera Codonofusiella and Reichelina range from the Dzhulfian downward to the Guadalupian Yabeina and Neoschwagerina Zones and even into the Artinskian Parafusulina Zone.

The Lepidolina multiseptata shiraiwensis Zone of the Kuman biofacies is correlated with the Yabeina globosa Zone of the Kinshozan biofacies, and these two zones are considered to be lower than the Lepidolina kumaensis Zone. The Lepidolina kumaensis fauna often occurs along with the Codonofusiella-Reichelina fauna, and is Lower Dzhulfian in age, with the possibility of ranging upward into a part of the Upper Dzhulfian.

The complete extinction of the Palaeofusulina fauna does not coincide with the close of the Permian Period, though there is still a possibility that a few species of long-ranging genera, such as Nankinella and Staffella, persisted as far as the boundary between the Permian and Triassic.

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