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Fluvial Sedimentology — Memoir 5, 1977
Pages 531-542
Fluvial Facies Models

Distinctive Features of Some Ancient River Systems

P. F. Friend


Features of some Old Red Sandstone (Devonian) and Tertiary river systems are described that distinguish them from many of the present-day river systems that have been studied. Their sequences and structures suggest that the sediment accumulated in areas of down-stream decrease of river size. Channel incision was not widespread, and the alluvium was built up into convex-upward lobes in some areas. All these features suggest the presence of terminal fans, similar to those described from the Indo-Gangetic plain. Incision is presumed to be more important in present-day studies because of Quaternary events. Lack of vegetation cover and proximity of orogenic activity were important controls of the ancient fluvial systems.

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