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Fluvial Sedimentology — Memoir 5, 1977
Pages 597-604
Fluvial Facies Models

Lithofacies Types and Vertical Profile Models in Braided River Deposits: A Summary

Andrew D. Miall


This article serves as an introduction to the papers dealing with braided river deposits in this volume.

A lithofacies code erected earlier by the writer is expanded to include matrix-supported gravel, low-angle cross stratified sand, erosion surfaces with intraclast conglomerates, and massive mud deposits.

The four vertical profile models erected by the writer are expanded to six. A new model, the “Trollheim type” is proposed, to include gravelly deposits characterized by abundant debris flows. The Donjek sequence type is restricted to gravel-dominated cyclic deposits and a new model, the “South Saskatchewan type”, is erected for sand dominated cyclic deposits. The Scott, Platte and Bijou Creek models remain essentially unchanged.

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