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Devonian of the World: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on the Devonian System — Memoir 14, Volume I: Regional Syntheses, 1988
Pages 359-400
Europe and North Africa

The Devonian of France and Belgium

A. Blieck, D. Brice, R. Feist, F. Guillot, C. Majeste-Menjoulas, F. Meilliez


In this short essay we try to review the Devonian of France and Belgium, from the “Variscan front” in the north (Boulonnais, Artois, Ardenne), through the more internal parts of the Paleozoic Chain (Armorican and Central Massifs, Vosges) and down to the Paleozoic nuclei of the Alpine Chains in the south (Pyrenees, Alps, Corsica). Devonian rocks are present throughout the Paleozoic outcrops of France and Belgium, either as sedimentary or volcano-sedimentary sequences or as records of metamorphic and/or plutonic events. They have also been discovered in the subsurface of the Aquitaine Basin. They are here placed on a newly proposed general cross-section and in a new paleogeographical scheme of the French-Belgian Caledonian-Variscan belt.

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