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Sequences, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology: Surface and Subsurface — Memoir 15, 1988
Pages 195-205
Sequence Stratigraphy

Major Interregionally Correlatable Events in the Jurassic of Western Interior, Arctic, and Eastern Offshore Canada

T. P. Poulton


Time-stratigraphic plots of the Jurassic strata in the Brooks-Mackenzie, Western Canada, Williston, Sverdrup, and the East Coast offshore basins illustrate the importance of disconformities and transgressive-regressive events. Comparisons of simple subsidence versus sedimentation curves indicate some common features between these basins. Transgressive events in the earliest Jurassic, late Pliensbachian-early Toarcian, late Aalenian-early Bajocian, and Oxfordian are recognized in each basin. Major regressive events are recognized in the Pliensbachian, Aalenian and Callovian. These events correspond with the major or ‘long-term’ events of published sea-level curves, provided that somewhat imprecise correlations are permitted. Finer-scale events cannot be correlated inter-basinally at our present level of knowledge.

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