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Sequences, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology: Surface and Subsurface — Memoir 15, 1988
Pages 261-274

An Integrated Lithostratigraphic and Palynostratigraphic Study of the Ostracode Zone and Adjacent Strata in the Edmonton Embayment, Central Alberta

Indranil Banerjee, Edward H. Davies


In the subsurface of central Alberta, four palynostratigraphic zones are erected in the Ostracode Zone (Aptian-Albian) and adjacent strata of the Mannville Group, based on the dinoflagellate and miospore assemblages from 134 samples from 22 wells within the Edmonton Embayment. The Edmonton Embayment is a shallow, wide paleotopographic depression infilled with muddy sediments of a lagoon/tidal flat complex overlain by a sandy, flood-tidal deltaic complex. The filled embayment was twice inundated by an advancing sea. A complex relationship between lithostratigraphic and palynostratigraphic units is evident. Paleoecological curves based on palynological assemblages from three key wells (one located outside the embayment) indicate relative sea-level fluctuations. Three minor cycles occur within a major transgressive event terminating near the top of the Ostracode Zone, close to the Aptian-Albian boundary.

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